My bromance with Patrick Mavros

im电竞官网-It behoves men who lead comfortable, safe and sedentary metropolitan lives to subtly let others know that they’re not insensible to the pleasures of manly outdoor pursuits. This, presumably, accounts for why Patrick Mavros is so successful at selling his indubitably masculine jewellery.

Mavros is a white Zimbabwean who runs a very successful shop on London’s Fulham Road selling the hand-made jewellery, furniture and homeware. The way Mavros tells it he leads an enviable life in the Zimbabwean bush, much of it spent hunting, shooting and tracking game – and as if that’s not manly enough he fought in the Rhodesian special forces in the Zimbabwean civil war. Given the man it’s no surprise that his jewellery is resolutely masculine; his most famous piece is this silver elephant hair bangle. It’s desirable not just because of the way it looks, but because it provides an entrée to the Mavros lifestyle for city dwellers who love the idea of Patrick’s life in Africa.

im电竞官网-The bangle was designed by Forbes Mavros, Patrick’s son, and inspired by the traditional bangles that native African hunters wove from elephant hair. The bangle was a status symbol for the hunters, and Mavros’ version is no less a status symbol, especially as it’s been enthusiastically adopted by the Fulham set – including Prince William and Prince Harry. Aside from the bangles Mavros’ other style essential is his range of incredible belts. These are made from British bridle leather, or African crocodile skin, and the buckles are made from silver. Our favourites are the hippo buckle on a brown bridle leather belt and the crocodile buckle on brown horn-back crocodile-skin belt. They both look fantastic with a pair of indigo jeans.

im电竞官网-If the idea of Mavros’ bold designs seems comically at odds with fashion – and it initially did to me– the reality is so reassuringly well made, substantial and durable that you may well be converted to Mavros’ way of thinking when you see it. The adjective he modestly uses to describe his stuff is “handsome.” It’s hard to disagree.

Words by Mansel Fletcher, Esquire executive style editor.

Silver elephant hair bangle £350.

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