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The Best Body Washes A Man Can Buy In 2020

These soaps and shower gels will make your mornings smell that little bit better

Best body washes for men

Wherever you sit on the men's grooming spectrum, it’s almost certain you use a body wash. So, why not make it a really good one?

No longer the most basic part of your routine, body wash has climbed the ranks to become a product you might just look forward to using each day. There are skin-softening formulas to hydrate dry skin, essential-oil options for a tiny slice of spa-like luxury, and menthol-boosted gels to wake you up quicker than a double-shot coffee.

im电竞官网-Here, then, are the best body washes you can buy right now.

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1 Black Tea Body Wash
Murdock London

This smells nice  – woody with a hint of spice – but it’s so much more than a breath of fresh air. Free from sulphates (the soapy agents that usually form the basis of a body wash), it’ll treat sensitive and eternally dry skin with a little extra care. 

2 Rum Body Wash
Space NK
Malin + Goetz

It goes without saying that you don’t want to smell like a cocktail on Monday morning. This, however, smells more like citrus-pepped amber than that bottle of local spirit you brought back from Cuba. 

im电竞官网-Before you balk at the price, consider that this is twice the size of most (and three times as fancy). 

3 Men Multi-Use Shower Gel

Let's be clear on this one: don’t use it on your face. That delicate complexion deserves better. Don’t use it on your hair, either. What you can do, however, is enjoy it for what it really is: a brilliantly scented, woody body wash that easily outperforms its modest price.

4 Atlantic Kelp And Magnesium Anti-Fatigue Body Wash
REN Clean Skincare

im电竞官网-REN’s new plastic bottles are a sustainability status symbol: they’re made from recycled ocean plastic, hence the murky grey appearance. This impressive body wash is more than a planet-friendly product, though: the energising formula is infused with magnesium, said to regulate your energy levels.

5 The Ritual Of Samurai Ice Shower

Forget the samurai storyline here: just know that this gentle body wash contains mint (Japanese mint, if you’re really desperate for a narrative), that will cool and invigorate post-workout limbs.

6 Bal d'Afrique Body Wash

Byredo’s most-loved scents now come in body-wash format. Bal D’Afrique might be inspired by the smoky depths of Parisian nightlife in the Twenties, but it thankfully smells a lot fresher than you’re currently imagining: think citrusy notes over lingering cedarwood. It comes with maximum shelf appeal, too. 

7 Nourishing Body Wash

im电竞官网-Many lesser body washes can leave dry skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. Ameliorate’s derm-approved formula, however, is free from the soaps that make skin feel stripped, calling on omega-rich oils to cleanse and hydrate instead. 

8 Deep Sleep Shower Gel
This Works

If you’re partial to a before-bed shower, this is one of the best things you can reach for. Part of This Works’ long-worshipped Deep Sleep range, it contains a blend of aromatherapy-grade oils – think chamomile and lavender – to help you fall asleep faster, and for longer. It’s 100% natural, and can be poured into a hot bath, too.

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