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The Best Men's Fragrances For Summer 2020

im电竞官网-Whether you're a cologne, aftershave or eau de parfum guy, it's time you updated your scent for warmer weather

the best mens fragrances

im电竞官网-Men are creatures of habit: something that can easily extend to your choice of fragrance. But as with all things in life, sometimes it pays to shake it up a bit. After all, scents, like clothes, fall in and out of fashion.

im电竞官网-So to keep you in the nose, we've rounded up this season's best new fragrances, from the big-brand releases that are really worth trying, to the new and niche offerings with strong signature-scent potential.

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1 Dior
best mens fragrance

This season, Dior is keen to remind you that Batman wears Dior Homme. Not the original (and frankly, groundbreaking) scent, though, but this newer, lighter addition endorsed by future superhero Robert Pattinson. Combining atlas cedar with vetiver, it acts as a gateway spritz to the world of woody fragrances.

Dior Homme, £55,

2 Le Labo
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Cult perfumer Le Labo has crafted a winning unisex scent for summer 2020. Typically unusual, Baie 19 somehow smells exactly like the air after a downpour, with subtle notes of juniper and green leaves creating an addictive breath of fresh air. It’s the antithesis to attention-seeking scents.

Le Labo Baie 19, £127,

3 Hugo Boss
best mens fragrances
The Fragrance Shop

Liam Payne’s coming of age was always going to involve him Blue Steeling his way through a fragrance campaign. The winning scent? Hugo Boss’s limited-edition offering, which is described as a ‘frozen fresh’ fragrance. We’re translating that as light, lemony, and easy to like: an effortless way to slip into summer.

Hugo Now, £49,

4 Calvin Klein
best mens fragrances

Easy and fresh, the latest iteration of Calvin Klein’s perennial CK One is pepped up with ginger and orange essential oil. it's the first 'clean' fragrance from the behemoth brand, meaning it's made with 79 per cent natural ingredients, including naturally derived alcohols.

CK One Everyone, £33.14,

5 Tom Ford
best mens fragrances
Space NK

im电竞官网-Originally created for the brand’s Signature collection, Beau De Jour is set to get the mass recognition it deserves this spring. This new, more accessible twist on the original is a deeply sophisticated fougère with lavender tempered by oakmoss and herbal basil. A seasonal launch with undoubtable longevity.

Tom Ford Beau De Jour, £83,

6 Hermès
best men's fragrance 
John Lewis

Black tea mixes with tonka bean and crisp Mediterranean herbs in Hermès' latest fragrance, which is one of the freshest, most sophisticated scents of the year. More memorable than most seasonal releases, this is a sure-fire future classic.

Hermès L'Ombre des Merveilles Eau de Parfum, £41.65,

7 Jo Malone
best mens fragrances
Harvey Nichols

Jo Malone sticks to its minimal-note formula for this spring-ready release. Lavender is pepped up with grapefruit, and lengthened with silver birch, creating an exemplary green fragrance that smells typically unlike anything else hitting the shelves.

Jo Malone Silver Birch & Lavender Cologne, £50,

8 Allsaints
best mens fragrances
Harvey Nichols

The Allsaints loyalist knows a leather jacketim电竞官网- is not just for winter. And while that battered biker may be going nowhere, this unisex fragrance from the brand’s new(ish) collection is refreshingly leather-free: pink peppercorn wakes up a blend of orange flower and cedarwood.

Allsaints Sunset Riot, £49,

9 Givenchy
best mens fragrances

Givenchy’s Gentleman is ditching the citrus and dialling up the spice this season. A subtle iris note lends a powdery twist, taking this firmly away from generic territory.

Givenchy Gentleman Eau de Parfum Boisée, £65.60,

10 Gucci
best mens fragrances
John Lewis

The centrepiece in Gucci's fragrance collection has finally come of age. Now elevated with soft rose notes and a punch of chilli (in place of the previous, uninspiring lemon), Guilty is one of the most unique and accomplished mass-market scents you can buy.

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme, £65,

11 Penhaligon's
best mens fragrances

The ever-growing collection is bringing the distinguished Penhaligon's brand of quirk firmly into a new era. The latest member of the family, Terrible Teddy, is a spicy, leathery affair, livened up with a heavy dose of pink pepper.

Penhaligon's Terrible Teddy, £192. Penhaligon'

12 Bulgari
best mens fragrances

Bulgari's latest fragrance is inspired by the Mediterranean – so far, so standard. But the unique neroli twist brings new appeal to the bergamot and woods, resulting in a signature-worthy scent that's appropriate for both work and weekend.

Bulgari Man Wood Neroli, £76.89,

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