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How to Own a Drone

im电竞官网- Why you need a flying robot in your life. 

Once the sole preserve of beardy home-brew robotics enthusiasts and the military, “drones” — autonomous, unmanned flying machines — are now available to all.

Possibly the ultimate in home-aviation geekery, the 71cm-diameter Parrot AR Drone 2.0 is light enough to hold in one hand.

Balanced by four propellers and a gyroscope, this carbon fibre quadricopter is able to hover perfectly still, rotate and flip upside down with incredible precision, and every flight can be recorded via its on-board HD video camera.

What’s more, this drone is remote-controlled over wi-fi by your very own iPhone, iPad or Android handset, via a free-to-download app replete with tutorials, training modes and augmented reality games. Yep, we’re living in the future. ()

Photograph by Will Thom

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