All Washed Up

In one of those 'we should've guessed it' moves, washed denim has found it's way back into fashion. It's like the 90's never left.

im电竞官网-This can be traced back to the beginning of the selvedge denim trend. For years the denim of choice has been the dark, indigo kind that looks better with wear. Eventually people caught on and selvedge denim turned into a false signifier of quality, much like working buttonholes on a suit. And then denim stayed stagnant for a few years, as things in menswear tend to, with everyone worrying about how best to achieve the perfect fade.

Which turns us back onto washed denim, essentially the cheaters method of gaining that worn-in look that everyone strived for. The difference between this and the 90's stonewash versions? Mainly the fade and the cut. Companies have learned to go easy on the false distressing, leaving you with just a lighter wash - as compared to jeans that looked like they'd been trampled on by a herd of elephants before you wore them.

Words by Jason Dike

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