How Do Every Type Of Egg Perfectly, According To Top Chefs

Perfect poached and slay scrambled

Fried egg
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im电竞官网-The idea that eggs are 'easy' falls apart a little when you see - or indeed taste - how well professional chefs can make them.

im电竞官网-Whether you take yours scrambled, poached or fried, the men with the big hats have perfected the science for you - all you need is a little practice.

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Presenting, then, three top techniques from three top chefs to help you perfect your egg game.


Big time American chef Anthony Bourdain took some time to explain to tech insider what his secrets to the perfect scramble are. Anthony emphasises that you shouldn't let the eggs sit before cooking them. Let them "form up a little bit" in the pan before pushing them around in a figure-eight patternim电竞官网-" he says. This folding technique helps achieve fluffy eggs with a favorable texture and none of those horrible little broken bits.


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Duck & Waffle Executive Chef Dan Doherty believes the secret to the perfect poach lies in getting the timings right. "For poached, lower the eggs in slowly at first to temper them, then drop in to continue cooking," he says. This means you avoid the egg dispersing all over the pan and end up with a solid structure. Winner winner, chicken-laid dinner.


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im电竞官网-Fast-food nemesis and national treasure Jamie Oliver eschews burnt and crispy fried eggs cracked into a pan at burning temperatures in favour of slower and more consistent cooking. He suggests cracking the egg into a cool pan, and allowing it to heat with the oil, cautioning that "". Cooked all the way through and damn tasty too.

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