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Urban Outfitters' Latest Sale Deserves Your Respect (and Hard-Earned Dollars)

im电竞官网-The retailer's offering deep discounts on a broad selection of highly coppable styles.

urban outfitters sale

Welcome to Add to Cart, a daily segment that spotlights the best pieces of menswear to buy at a bargain from across the web.

Let's be honest here: Over the last few years, Urban Outfitters developed an undeservedly bad rap as, shall we say, an easily parodied bastion of a certain type of hipsterdom. And sure, a little gentle ribbing never hurt anybody (especially when that "anybody" is a giant, publicly traded corporation) but in retrospect it's hard to ignore the Philadelphia-based retailer's influence when it comes to popularizing an aesthetic that's a—if not theim电竞官网-—norm. Right about now, UO just looks like it was ahead of the curve. Jokes on you, suckers. Who's laughing now?!

If you're starting to feel a little contrite, I've got some good news: Urban Outfitters is still out here, and is still selling a treasure trove of excellent product, including a private label line that rarely misses and a surprising medley of smaller, hard-to-find brands most big-box retailers wouldn't even consider stocking. And the good news doesn't end there, because UO holds no grudges. The retailer's turning a blind eye to your earlier derisiveness and serving up deep discounts on a broad selection of straight heat.

You done goofed once, my guy. Ignore the Outfitters again at your own peril.

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Western Rayon Button-Down Shirt
Urban Outfitters urbanoutfitters.com

Lean into menswear's Western moment.

Ivan Cream Denim Work Pant
BDG urbanoutfitters.com

im电竞官网-The "work" pant to wear when you're not doing any of it. 

UO Huarache Black Sandal
Urban Outfitters urbanoutfitters.com

There's no use denying it any longer: It's sandalsim电竞官网- season, baby. 

Jayden Cargo Short
Standard Cloth urbanoutfitters.com

im电竞官网-So. Much. Storage. Space.

Hurricane Drift Sandal
Teva urbanoutfitters.com

im电竞官网-Like I said before: sandals, baby.  

Corduroy Utility Short
Without Walls urbanoutfitters.com

im电竞官网-Corduroy? For spring?! (Actually) groundbreaking. 

'90 Extreme Hoodie Sweatshirt
The North Face urbanoutfitters.com

im电竞官网-Retro in the all right ways. 

Fitz Roy Horizon Hoodie Sweatshirt
Patagonia urbanoutfitters.com

Announcing your allegiance to the brand that pioneered making sustainability more than a pithy talking point is never a bad call. 

Stormfront Dyed Sweatpant
Premiere Apparel urbanoutfitters.com

Sweatpants it'd be a shame to sweat in. 

The OG Westerly Cardigan
Pendleton urbanoutfitters.com

im电竞官网-The cardigan abides. 

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