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The Best Undershirts to Buy When You're Tired of Wearing Anything Else

The best thing about wearing an undershirt right now? These days you don't have to wear anything over it.

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im电竞官网-Wearing an undershirt was never really my thing. It always seemed a bit absurd to add on an extra layer when the weather gets so warm stepping outside feels like having your face perpetually pressed up against your overly-affectionate aunt's scratchy sweater in a hug you can't escape. These days, though, most undershirts come with enough moisture-wicking details and cooling properties to confound any guy looking to buy a tee that doesn't require an advanced degree in physiology. Turns out, all those buzzy features you completely ignore before grabbing the cheapest option actually do a whole lot when it comes to keeping you cool. Consider me a recently converted undershirt enthusiast.

You know what the best thing about wearing an undershirt in a time of crisis is? You don't have to wear it under any shirt at all. Instead, commit to the look by treating your preferred take on the style the same way you would any other tee in your arsenal, and mix and match it with the best statement pants (read: least dirty sweatpants lying on top of the laundry heap) you already own. Or make like your favorite movie star and rock one underneath a silky camp-collar shirt (completely unbuttoned, naturally) and a pair of tinted shades so big no one can see how distressingly bloodshot your eyes are "because it's, like, peak allergy season, dude" and the Nora Ephron marathon you sped through in record fucking time has nothing to do with it. (How you holding up, bud? Nothing wrong with getting in a good old-fashioned cry, especially these days. You hanging in there?)

And c'mon, how many iconic characters solidified their place in the pantheon of pop culture purely through their commitment to the style? (Sure, some serious ink and a bad attitude definitely helps, but the point still stands.) You're telling me you don't want to look like Nic Cage in Moonstruck?! Who doesn't want to look like Nic Cage in Moonstruck?!

im电竞官网-Cop the right undershirt and you, too, can be the paradigm of effortless style you always swore you'd become—even if changing out of your PJs and putting on a T-shirt is the most effortful thing you've done all day.

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AIRism Crewneck
Uniqlo uniqlo.com

AIRism's promise of ceaseless comfort might sound too good to be true, but lay one finger on the fabric and it immediately feels right. 

White Crew (6 Pack)
Fruit of the Loom walmart.com

Buy 'em in bulk and never look back. 

Square Cut Tank (2 Pack)
2(X)IST nordstromrack.com

A not-so-simple tank in a cut so precise it's almost guaranteed to flatter. 

Crewneck Undershirt (3 Pack)
Land's End landsend.com

Surprise, surprise: Land's End's take on the style comes with the option to add a monogram, so you can flex your initials no matter how few layers you have on. 

Cotton Crewneck (3 Pack)
Calvin Klein nordstromrack.com

The brand that made wearing underwear with another man's name on it downright cool (unsurprisingly) makes a real solid tee, too. 

Comfort Soft Crewneck (10 Pack)
Hanes target.com

Hanes don't play no games. The brand's white crewnecks are a classic for a reason. 

Hanes Tagless Tees (3 Pack)
Supreme supremenewyork.com

But if your taste skews a little more hypebeast-y, you can always buy a pack from the brand's ongoing collaboration with Supreme. 

Jersey Rib Tank
Mack Weldon mackweldon.com

im电竞官网-Mack Weldon makes its tanks out of its signature ribbed fabric so you don't have to worry about it losing its shape after one too many wears. 

Slim Fit Crewneck T-Shirts (3 Pack)
Ralph Lauren nordstrom.com

A small reminder that bigger is not always better, especially when it comes to subtle corner emblems.  

Superfine Cotton Underwear T-Shirt
Sunspel sunspel.com

Sunspel knows its way around a super-soft tee, and this one is so lightweight you'll hardly feel like you're wearing it. 

Cotton Compression Tank
Spanx spanx.com

If I'm being honest, the fact that a product like this exists really takes the pressure off staying active in any sort of way while I slowly go stir-crazy sitting inside my apartment. 

Crewneck Undershirt Sampler
Tommy John tommyjohn.com

A sampler pack of tees that includes some of the brand's best styles so you can try each one out and re-up as needed. 

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