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The Best Wallets to Keep Your Cash Safe

Spark a little happiness while you contemplate whether it's worth getting up from the couch.

A wallet probably doesn't feel like the most important accessory in your life right now (the way, say, a maskim电竞官网- might). And sure, you already have all the pertinent credit card information you need for a seamless checkout pre-loaded on every even somewhat legitimate-looking site shilling hand sanitizer at an egregiously high markup you clicked on once in a fit of desperation. But that doesn't mean the right wallet won't still come in handy when it comes to sparking a little happiness as you contemplate whether it's worth getting up from your position on the couch to grab it.

When you pull out your wallet it should say, Sure, even though I spent upwards of three hours snootily sifting through all the merchandise in your meticulously-arranged mausoleum of a store (remember stores?!) only to buy the overpriced tote bag I knew I would be walking out with from the beginning, I could've easily spent way more. When you pull out your wallet it should say, Sure, even though I cavalierly waived away your offer to split the bill at the start of dinner (remember dining out?!) and then spent the whole meal looking like I was about to faint it was because I was thinking deep, serious thoughts about things like climate change and the global economic crisis and not because I'm one more round of cocktails away from an economic crisis of my own.

These days there's no reason to walk around with a under half of your ass. (FWIW, I was always here for the carryall. IT'S EUROPEAN!) Don't be that guy. Instead, opt for a walletim电竞官网- in a sleek leather (pebbled-grain or plain, it's up to you) and your choice of styles. Bifolds, and cardholders, and zip-arounds, oh my! There's more than enough out there to satisfy even the pickiest of shoppers, so we sifted through the best of 'em to find the one that's right for you.

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Amble Leather RFID Card Case

A wallet as sturdy as the coats you've come to rely on. Like your trusty Bedale, it'll only get better with wear. 

Italian Leather Card Case

A wallet so slim it won't ruin the lines of your trousers, no matter which pocket you store it in. 

Polo Sport Wallet
Ralph Lauren

A (ahem) sportyim电竞官网- take on the style for all you athletics lads (or aspiring athletic lads). 

Yama Wallet
Snow Peak

If past experience with the brand is any indication, a wallet from Snow Peak probably comes packed with more design details than you ever imagined possible, and could definitely survive the apocalypse (and help you do it, too).  

SA3100 Classic Wallet
Comme des Garçons Wallet

None of the usual CDG design tropes here, just a plain ol' wallet in a perfect shade of turquoise from a master of the Japanese avant-garde. 

Attain Leather Cardholder Wallet

im电竞官网-Comfortably store all the important business cards you accumulated (hoarded?) and never once referenced throughout the pre-lockdown era. 

Ryan Card Holder
Saturdays NYC

im电竞官网-Comfortably store a slightly healthier amount of important cards, business or otherwise. 

Leather Card Holder
Red Wing

If you trust 'em to make your sturdiest work boots, why wouldn't you trust 'em to make your sturdiest wallet? 

Slim Single Billfold

Tumi's wallets are simple, sleek, and supremely reliable.

Leather Card Case

When push comes to shove, it's tough to beat a classic in some very (very) good leather.

Brown & Black Leopard Card Holder
Dries Van Noten

If you're on the fence about embracing a bold pattern, start small. 

A.P.C. x Carhartt

A cobalt blue bifold that borrows from the best of both of the brands behind it, with a super-streamlined, super-durable design. 

'Le Porte Poche' Wallet

Flex your cool-kid credentials with a subtle nod to one of the hottest brands (especially when it comes to bags) in the business. 

White Cracked Standard Wallet
Common Projects

The same attention to detail that makes the label's sneakers such a bop, now in a beautiful cracked white leather wallet. 

Black & White Quote Card Holder

For the diehard Virgil Abloh devotee. Or is it, "diehard Virgil Abloh devotee?"

Kei S Wallet
Acne Studios

For the guy who's always finding coins everywhere but inside his wallet.

Soft Grain Wallet

im电竞官网-All business never looked so non-businesslike. 

Leather Card Holder
Thom Browne

Thom Browne knows his way around a luxe pebble-grain leather, and it shows. 

Intrecciato Leather Card Case
Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta's signature intrecciato technique looks even cooler in shades of pale grey. 

Leather Wallet

Entry-level Prada will still cost you, but like any level of Prada, it's well worth the investment.  

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