Watch G-Eazy Show You His Most Treasured Possessions

im电竞官网-Saint Laurent, a Kobe jersey, and an art collection anyone would envy.

In a little over a decade, rapper G-Eazy has toured the world, worked with artists like E-40 and Lil' Wayne, and has made multiple platinum albums. That’s all to say: He picked up some pretty cool things along the way—art, signed basketball jerseys, framed records.

So, who better to kick off “Curated,” our new where artists show off their most prized possessions? In the video, the Oakland, CA-born artist took us on a tour of his home, showing off his favorite art (including a piece from his mother), a signed Lakers jersey from the late Kobe Bryant, and a tease of his vast collection of Saint Laurent clothes.

“Art has always been around me,” G-Eazy said. “[It] encourages creativity. I’ve been fortunate and blessed enough to meet artists that inspire me from all different kinds of mediums along my journey.”

The “No Limit” artist has been busy lately, too—he just debuted two new tracks, “Moana” with Jack Harlow and “Angel Cry” with Devon Balwin. Do yourself a favor and check out the video for “Moana” too, which blended videos from different social media platforms to pull off one of the best-looking music videos we’ve seen this past month. It’s a good reminder that, even though, you know, we can hardly go outside, it doesn’t mean the whole music world will screech to a halt.

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im电竞官网-“It’s a little cliche, but it’s a reminder of, like, chase your dreams. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t become what you want to become, you can’t be who you wanna be,” he said. “Everything in this room, from the plaques to the Kermit Supreme, to the signed Kobe jersey directly to me, to my brother Karl [Anthony] Towns, it’s one of those rooms that brings it all full circle.”

Robbie Fimmano
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